Star Citizen Flora Project

How to use this website

This website serves as an expanding repositiory of all known species of flora in the Star Citizen universe. Each entry is formatted in the following manner:

Common name
Binomial name - these will be in orange if either of them is given in-lore by CIG, otherwise they will be the names and classifications given by player researchers.
Detailed description of plant for identification purposes.
List of known habitats and areas of cultivation. Each specifying whether it is a naturalized habitat (wild) or a cultivation (captive)
Any addenda, including any in-lore information given about the plant and detailed examination.
Any references to real, out of universe plants or phenomena will be in green.

search functions are currently very rudimentary and only search common names, replace any spaces with underscores(_) in searches and do not use capitals for best results.

An example of an entry.

Researchers needed!

The Star Citizen Flora Project is run for fun, by amateurs, if you find this interesting and want to contribute, you can: send in unknown species you find, make a record of what you find and where, tell us if a page is inaccurate, and send in better pictures of documented plants. Send these and any other contributions you may wish to make (suggestions, etc.) to SilverSteeples#9864 on Discord or @silversteeples on Spectrum. Also, join The Daymar Xenobotany Institute and crew with us in the field. For science!

Daymar Xenobotany Institute, science on the Spectrum

Why does this exist?

My name is Iona, I am a self taught student of botany and avid player of Star Citizen. I catalog plants in the game as a way to explore plant morphology and description, and because I find it fun. I make no claims to be an expert in this field and very little of this information is peer reviewed however given that this is done for fun, I hardly think it matters.