Taxonomic classification pending

Long, straight, kelp-like lfs. 15-20cm broad throughout tapering to a point only at distal end and growing to 1.5-2m in length, though many are often torn Lfs. without pedicels all green with streaks of red, radiating regularly from a central root node.

  • Wild, Daymar
Dustweed, Daymar (3.9.1)

Relation to Dustflower

Dustweed is a part of the Dustflower plant that bares a vastly increased number of leaves but no flowers, arising from adventitious roots below ground. It is possible that the dustweed serves as an anchor point for the plant, or that it provides a backup food source for growth in the event that a root is severed in the exceptionally high winds of Daymar which can cause ground to shift rapidly. It is also possible that it is simply a reaction to suboptimal conditions for flowering however, the presence of what are apparently non flowering samples of dustflower, without increased leaf production calls this into question. It goes without saying that any combination of the above remain a possibility.

Proposed root structure of dustflower (2020)
"Infertile" dustflower (3.9.1)